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Join Ibrahim Assoud on the exhilarating journey through the Land Down Under and find yourself immersed in a one-of-a-kind adventure. Find out all about the cornucopia of beauty and excitement that the continent of Australia is.

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Explore the smallest continent in the world through the eyes of veteran voyager Ibrahim

Australia is the island of magnificence floating in the Southern Hemisphere between the great Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is where century-old indigenous culture meet with the bustling urban life, both thriving in a peaceful coexistence. It is where red sand cliffs and
vast ochre plains give way to the turquoise waves of the oceans, painting a landscape as perfect as paradise. From trekking trails to gourmet cuisine, from adventure sports to island cruising, from sightseeing to natural exploring – Australia is a potpourri of all kinds of
experience one can think of.

In a lifetime expedition of the country, explorer Ibrahim Assoud ticked off all the possible destinations and experiences from his bucket-list. Before heading towards the myriad of places and activities covered by him on his itineraries, let’s find out a little bit about Australia itself.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

The main island of Australia, the island of Tasmania, and a few other smaller islands make up the country of Australia. It is also the main part of the Australian continent, also known as Oceania to many. Inhabited by indigenous groups for nearly 70,000 years now, Australia
is a cultural blend of aboriginal antiquity and more contemporary western influences – something you will best find in the city of Darwin. Canberra is the capital city with all the galleries and museums of science and history, while Sydney is the largest city full of awe-
inspiring local attractions. Melbourne will bring you the best of retail and café outlets as well as nature, while Hobart will surprise the artist in you with its Gothic history and modern art.

Top Destinations

Australia – an urban wonder built on ancient land

Between the Cape York Peninsula in the north and the island of Tasmania in the south, there lies hundreds of breathtaking locations which make Australia the great travelling destination it is.

From the white sand beaches of Western Australia to the Twelve Apostles of Victoria, Ibrahim Assoud has treaded some of the best parts of the country. Some of them are popular and thronged with wide-eyed tourists, other places remote and untarnished. Regardless, Australia has never failed to delight the wanderer soul in him and neither will it disappoint the traveller in you.


Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the largest and most populous city of Australia. Located on the country’s celebrated east coast, the waterside city is an assortment of landmark structures, beautiful beaches, and an undeniable urban vibe. At the centre of attraction is the famous harbour-front Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney was third on the itinerary of Ibrahim Assoud, as Australia’s oldest botanical garden with more than thousand endemic and exotic flora species. Next comes the exquisite beaches of Sydney, which are connected in a scenic trail from Ben Buckler point to Waverley Cemetery. The route passes through the iconic Bondi beach full of backpackers and water sports enthusiasts. It also crosses Tamarama, Mackenzie, and Bronte along the way.

Exploring the natural side of Sydney, Ibrahim stumbled onto the verdant landscapes of the Blue Mountains at the western end. The whole region can be explored on foot through bush-covered trails that mostly start from the main town of Katoomba and consolidate at Echo Point with spectacular view.

History too has its place in the touring of Sydney. To the east lies the lovely Watsons Bay, a historic fishing village where British explorer Captain Thomas Cook first arrived on his charting expedition of Oceania. Witnessing the launch boats bobbing in the tranquil water
of the bay with a paper dish of fish and chips is a great way of spending an afternoon in Sydney.


Australia’s second largest metropolis is known to be one of the liveliest cities this side of the world. From sports extravaganza to art museums, antique arcades to the Yarra River Cruise, Ibrahim found Melbourne to be as stunning as every story ever says. Melbourne is home to
some of the grandest Victorian buildings, biggest sport arenas, an eclectic culinary scene, and some landmark buildings – all of which deserve a visit at least once.


Wanderlust took Ibrahim to several other destinations in Australia – all of New South Wales, the national parks of Victoria, the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, Kangaroo Island of South Australia, the desert plains of West Australia, and the stunning mountain peaks of

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A Look Inside the world

Travel Australia presents a fantastic experience of a lifetime.

Australia hides within its lands and water a world beyond your imagination. It can leave you spellbound with its abundant natural bounty and centuries of well-kept heritage, just as it
can stun you with its vivid café culture and city life.

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